Q - What bank size do you recommend?

A - Bank sizes are reviewed before the start of each season. See the member's guide for more information.

Q - What type of selections do you give out?

A - All selections are singles back bets in the 1X2 market.

Q - When do you publish the match selections?

A - Match selections are emailed to members on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7pm UK time.

Q - How many bets will there be each season?

A - The average is around 300 bets per season for Football Investor and 500 bets for Strike Zone. The Combo system averages 200 bets per season. The season runs from mid September to mid May (approximately 40 weeks).

Q - What leagues does Football Investor cover?

A - English Premier League, Championship, Leagues 1 & 2 and Scottish Premier. 

Q - Do all matches qualify for selection?

A - No. Teams must have played a minimum 4 home matches (home team) and 4 away matches (away team) so usually the 9th game of the season for both teams.